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Nothing Has Changed

Nothing Has Changed

80 Years On

The Game Is Still The Same

The Game Is Still The Same


Checkout Play-Gallery for some of the pictures from along the way.

6-Nov-2010 Well, it's now turned full circle and the decision has been made to consolidate PlayBike back to its roots. Motivated by the general downturn in the economy of late and finally prompted by the closure of RAF Kinloss, this move to running the business on a part-time basis will mean Forres continues to boast its own motorcycle sales and services facility. A big thank you is warranted to all my loyal customers whose continued support has ensured moving forward with PlayBike Motorcycles in this manner is such a worthwhile endeavour.

26-Jul-2001 Pettiness and a lack of fair play by the Moray Council's Planning Department prompted me to cease trading from the Tarras site; however, our new premises at Kinloss are now up and running, and it's business as usual at PlayBike.

10-Aug-1999 PlayBike finally firing on all cylinders, well almost. Planning and 'other' such minor hassles almost out the way, we finally have a safe and sound premises to operate out of. Still a mountain of work to be done on the show-room over the winter, but the back is broken.

Thanks to:

Hugh and his 'little' digger for doing 30 years work in half an hour. Ross and the tea drinking team (Tommy, Davie & Chris) for a great job on the building. Iain for showing me why I didn't do DIY harling. James and Spen for their enviable roofing skills and rolling in the mud. Mark for emergency roofing when the wind got a bit hairy. Donald for tiling and finally getting us weatherproof. Mel the mud mover for landscaping, and Dave for a great weekend as a garage hand and scratcher's mate just when I needed it.

Special thanks to my Mam for doing all the things we usually do but just didn't have time. My Dad who was Chief Joiner, Roofer and Bog Hopper, and to Brad the Gaffer who kept a watchful eye over everything.

Finally, the biggest and most grateful thanks to Jules for putting up with me over a very busy summer, when anyone else would have done a runner long ago.


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